ID-100374249Many people have a number of moles also called beauty marks on their skin, especially people who are light skinned. Moles are caused when melanocytes, the pigment containing skin cells, grow clustered at a given point.

Most moles are generally harmless although some are associated with melanoma, a type skin cancer. It is reported that the presence of 50 or more moles is an indication of the high risk of melanoma. Atypical moles characterized by an odd shape, are large and contain more than one color indicate a greater risk of melanoma.

Moles are common in almost all people. Moles come about when melanocytes grow in a cluster. Moles are often harmless but some may indicate a high risk of melanoma. The American Academy of Dermatology has a tool to help in self-examination by mapping your moles. Minimizing exposure to direct sunshine can help protect the skin. Moles do not require treatment but are removed if cancer is suspected or for cosmetic reasons.

Moles should be closely monitored for any changes so that the risk of melanoma is greatly reduced. The early detection of a melanoma means that it can be effectively treated by a dermatologist.

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