Mike Dilkes preparing for a Laser Tonsillectomy for Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, May 2013
Mike Dilkes preparing for a Laser Tonsillectomy for Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, May 2013

Mike Dilkes has performed a number of laser surgery procedures for Channel 4′s TV show Embarrassing Bodies.

He is seen here preparing to perform a Laser Tonsillectomy on a young woman who suffers with bad sore throats, bad breath, tonsil stones, snoring, the lot.

Mike says “It’s great that we have laser technology here which allows us to perform an intracapsular removal of tonsils (laser tonsillectomy), which in my view is much less painful ,and has a very low bleeding rate, in comparison to traditional dissection tonsillectomy”.

Adele’s throat operation cured my ‘Rod Stewart’ voice: Mother hails laser therapy that saved the Brit winner’s vocal cord – and her own speech

By BONNIE ESTRIDGE, Daily Mail, 3 March 2012

When friends told Maggie Honey she sounded like ‘a female Rod Stewart’, she was neither offended nor surprised. The former primary school teacher was all too aware that her voice was becoming increasingly husky after a bout of laryngitis (a viral inflammation of the vocal cords) in her early 20s caused an enduring hoarseness. Music lessons were virtually impossible – Maggie had to ask her assistant to do the singing for her. And the 45-year-old from Banbury, Oxfordshire, often had to write notes to husband Kevin and her family because she found talking so difficult. Her predicament carried on until two years ago, when she found her voice again thanks to the same laser procedure, (performed on Maggie by Mike Dilkes), that singer Adele underwent last year to restore her voice.

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Red-hot laser that could clear that nasty frog in your throat

By CAROL DAVIS, Daily Mail, 11 October 2011

One in three of us suffers with catarrh. Mike Stares, 54, a property consultant, from Woodford Green, Essex, underwent a new treatment with Mike Dilkes.

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Me and my operation: I blew my nose 200 times A DAY until a laser cleared my stuffed sinuses

By CAROL DAVIS, Daily Mail, 25 July 2011

Millions of Britons suffer from painful sinus problems, but a new laser now cures the problem for good in just 20 minutes. Danni Park-Dempsey, 23, an office worker from Chigwell, Essex, had the operation with Mike Dilkes in June, as she tells CAROL DAVIS.

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Me and my operation: How a laser blast on your tonsils could cure bad breath for good

By CAROL DAVIS, Daily Mail, 10 May 2011

Around a million Britons suffer from tonsil stones, which form in pits on the tonsils, leading to bad breath and repeated bouts of tonsillitis. Vicky Wyatt-Minter, 39, a director of a recruitment agency from South Woodford, London, underwent a new ten-minute procedure (with Mike Dilkes) to get rid of them for good.

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Me and my operation: laser tonsillectomy

By ANGELA BROOKS, Daily Mail, 22nd July 2003

Here, Genevieve Wells, an A-level student, tells us about her laser vaporisation tonsillectomy, and her surgeon explains the procedure.

The patient says: From an early age, I had distorted tonsils and very bad sore throats all the time. In my teens, it got much worse, and my tonsils would be completely white and full of pus every time I got a throat infection.

One tonsil was so large when it was swollen that it pushed my uvula – the bit that points downwards in the middle of the back of your throat – to one side.

For ages, I’ve had about three courses of antibiotics a year to tackle my throat infections, but this year I was at the GP’s every three weeks. He put me on the NHS waiting list for a tonsillectomy in January.

But there was a moratorium on the operation until doctors had been given disposable instruments because of fears that it could spread CJD.

My father inquired about laser tonsillectomies, and my GP referred me to Mike Dilkes, who outlined the options.

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