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A Dirty Little Secret: Hand-Washing Spotty Among Day Care Staffers

health hand-washingA study making use of video cameras reveals that few child care workers strictly follow rules regarding hand-washing habits. Only 30 percent of caregivers followed proper hand washing procedure.

Key takeaways:

  • Proper hand washing procedure should be followed after tasks such as changing diapers, emptying garbage cans, wiping the nose, and preparing food.
  • Hand washing helps to prevent the transmission of diseases in children found in the early childhood centers.
  • Creative strategies are required to ensure that efficacy and compliance in hand washing. They will improve quality of health in early childhood settings.

“Studies have shown that children who spend time in an early childhood care center are two to three times more likely to acquire infections than children cared for in the home, with respiratory and gastrointestinal infections posing the highest risks.

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