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The lingual tonsil, not the palatine/faucial ones. A common cause of snoring and sore throats.

The picture below shows enlarged and lumpy lingual tonsils. Lingual means tongue. These tonsils sit on the back of the tongue, above the epiglottis (the pale U shaped structure above the lingual tonsils) and cannot be seen when examining a patient through the mouth. This photo was taken using a high definition digital endoscope at HealthHub. Lingual tonsils often enlarge after removal of the palatine tonsils, which we call tonsillectomy. They may get sore/ infected, like tonsillitis. Your GP will not be able to see them so will not believe your symptoms and wonder if you are making it up.

Lingual tonsils also block the retrolingual airway, and this often triggers snoring.


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