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Tonsil stones form in holes within the tonsil, and can trigger tonsillitis

Tonsils stones and tonsillitis go together, that's a mainstay of this blog, as it's not well recognised. Tonsil stones form in holes like this one. Since they are made of salivary debris and food, they are organic, so they rot. Bacteria help in this, but they are a certain type of bacteria, which release noxious compounds as they work, essentially we recognise these as being bad, so any rotting is alerted to the the patient and it is hopefully sorted. Unfortunately whilst this is happening a bad taste and bad breath can ensue.


Mike Dilkes ENT Surgeon MSFRCS
Mike Dilkes ENT Surgeon MSFRCS
Apr 12, 2023

Yes if they are deep they may be more of a challenge to cure in one go!


Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Apr 12, 2023

And the crypts can be hidden away. I have been lasered twice by Mike, and he does a top job. I still plan to go for a 3rd visit as I believe I have a hidden crypt in my right tonsil.

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