Prices for ENT Treatments

ENT Consultations – Non-insured patients

Ear, Nose and Throat Consultation: £200
Clinic procedures: £100
Cosmetic consultations: £150

Allergy Testing (All at HealthHub)

Blood allergy testing for total IgE and comprehensive range of mixes: £250
Specific IgE: £20 per antigen
Skin prick test: £30 for positive and negative control plus one allergen. Each subsequent allergen, add £15

Septoplasty (Nose Unblocking)

Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300
Septoplasty and laser turbinoplasty under general anaesthetic, one post op follow up: £3,500

Laser Tonsillectomy (+/-dual technique)

Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300
Tonsillectomy under general anaesthetic, including one follow up appointment: £2,800

Laser Tonsillotomy (local anaesthetic)

Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300
1st treatment including 1 post op follow up: £1200
Further treatment and 1 post op follow up: £800

Laser Uvulectomy

Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300
Uvulectomy, performed under local anaesthetic: £1000

Cancer treatment – surgery – typical examples

Neck dissection radical/modified: £6100
Holmium-YAG laser of throat cancer; Carbon Dioxide laser of larynx cancer: £3500

Laser Palatoplasty for Snoring

Initial consultation, endoscopy and laser palatoplasty under local anaesthetic, plus one post-op follow up office visit: £1,500

Laser Mole Removal

Consultation and 1 x mole laser vapourisation under local anaesthetic (Additional cost for more than one mole): £450

Laser Turbinoplasty (general anaesthetic)

Turbinoplasty under general anaesthetic: £2,500
Consultation with flexible endoscopy: £300

Laser Turbinectomy (local anaesthetic)

First side: £1,000
Second side: £850
Initial consultation with endoscopy: £300

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