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Tonsil Stones: Quick Fire Answers to Common Questions

What causes tonsil stones?

They are thought to be impacted bits of food, salivary debris and other tooth or gum cells that have been shed that get stuck in cracks and holes in the tonsils

How are tonsil stones removed?

You can pick them out.

What is the cure for tonsil stones?

Remove the cracks - usually by laser, as it can accurately remove part of the tonsil, leaving the rest behind.

Do tonsil stones smell?

Yes because they are at least partly made of food, which is organic, so it rots over the days and weeks that the stones are present.

Are there tonsil stones removal tools?

Yes. There are various water jets and picks have been designed for tonsil stones removal.

Are tonsil stones common?

Yes up to 25% of people with tonsils get some tonsil stone formation

Are tonsil stones hard?

Ones that have been present a long time tend to calcify and go hard.

Are tonsil stones bad? 

Tonsil stones are not thought to have any serious side effects.

Are tonsil stones normal?

Yes its a normal variant of tonsils.

Are tonsil stones recurring? 

Yes, once you've started getting tonsil stones, they tend to keep on going until they are treated/lasered.

Can tonsil stones make you ill?

Yes - tonsil stones can trigger chronic tonsillitis, which can lead to Myalgic Encephalitis (M.E.) and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Can tonsil stones cause bad breath? 

Yes, as rotting food smells foul.

Can tonsil stones make you sick?

Yes - tonsil stones can set off acute and chronic tonsillitis.

Can tonsil stones cause headaches?

Yes with chronic tonsillitis.

Can tonsil stones cause swollen glands?

Only if the tonsils become inflamed.

Can tonsil stones bleed?

Usually when someone takes an instrument to them and actually damages the tonsil tissue itself.

How can tonsil stones be removed safely?

Laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic (Tonsillotomy) is a common procedure to safely remove tonsil stones. Understand tonsillotomy here.

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Laser Tonsillotomy (local anaesthetic)

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  • Further treatment and 1 post op follow up: £850

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