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Laser uvulectomy fees for catarrh treatment

Catarrh treatment: costs and procedure summary


Laser Uvulectomy

  • Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £250 at HealthHub, more at private hospitals

  • Uvulectomy, performed under local anaesthetic: £1200


Laser Uvulectomy Procedure Summary
When do we recommend the procedure?

Some people experience catarrh or a lump in the throat for months or years. Where patients have on-going discomfort we'd recommend taking action.

Where would the surgery take place?

In most instances  surgery would take place at HealthHub, the ENT clinic in South Central London.

Time between consultation and procedure

Times may vary, but we can typically perform the operation within 14 days of consultation.

Pre-operative information

There are no specific pre-operative requirements. 

Uvulectomy Procedure Duration

95% of these procedures are performed under local anaesthetic, which is mostly with the simple application of an anaesthetic spray, followed by a single small injection. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. 

Post-operative information

Because a small ulcer is left in the back of the mouth after the operation, there is quite bad pain for around 1 week after this procedure. This pain is well controlled if regular painkillers are used. Typically these are Co-Codamol (30/500) and Diclofenac E/C (50mg). An antiseptic gargle helps the area to heal quickly.

Is a follow up consultation required and does this cost extra?

Follow-up is usually arranged for 4 weeks after surgery has been performed. This is free of charge for self pay patients, although insured patients will be charged.

Need more information on catarrh treatments?

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