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Laser surgery for mole removal explained

Watch our short video on mole removal to understand the procedure, the benefits of laser surgery and what to expect if you decide surgery is the option for you.

The video covers:​

  • why people decide to have mole removal surgery

  • common misconceptions about laser surgery for moles

  • how laser surgery is deployed to remove moles

  • what to expect from laser surgery for moles

  • post-operative care

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Mole Removal Fees
  • Consultation and 1 x mole laser vapourisation under local anaesthetic, £250

  • Additional cost for more than one mole

Mole Removal FAQs

For short form answers to the common mole removal questions below please see our Mole Removal FAQ page:

  • Are mole removal creams safe?

  • Are mole removals safe?

  • Are mole removals covered by insurance?

  • Are mole removals painful?

  • Can mole removal cause cancer?

  • Can mole removal cause nerve damage?

  • Can mole removal leave scars?

  • Can mole removal be painful?

  • Can you get mole removal on the NHS?

  • What is the cost of mole removal?

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