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Blocked Nose treatment fees for septoplasty, laser turbinectomy and laser turbinoplasty 

Costs for treatment of blocked nose

Nose unblocking fees

  • Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £250 at HealthHub, £450 at private hospitals

  • Laser Turbinoplasty under local anaesthetic: £1100 / 1st side, £850 second side

  • Laser Turbinoplasty (general anaesthetic day case): £2700

  • Septoplasty (general anaesthetic day case): £3,500

Do you have private medical insurance?

We work with all the major insurers except AXA-PPP. Click here to find out which insurers we work with and how to proceed with your insurer.

Procedure Summary

When do we recommend the procedure?

We perform surgery for nose blockage when there is a clear surgical problem within the nose, or medical therapy has been exhausted, or when the patient feels he or she does not want to take medication for a long time. Treatment options may include sinus surgery, septoplasty or laser turbinoplasty.

Where would the surgery take place?

In most instances general anaesthetic surgery would take place at Spire London East , in North East London, or The Weymouth Hospital, Central London. All local anaesthetic procedures are performed at HealthHub.

Time between consultation and procedure

Times may vary, but we can typically perform the operation within 14 days of consultation.

Pre-operative information
Laser turbinoplasty can be under local anaesthetic, or general anaesthetic, depending on the patient's preferences. It is exactly the same either way.

For Septoplasty, the operation takes place under general anaesthetic. Patients are required not to eat and drink in the six hours preceding the procedure, although clear water can be taken up to three hours beforehand. Patients are required to arrive at the Hospital at least two hours prior to their operation time slot.

Procedure Duration

Septoplasty and laser turbinoplasty takes 30 minutes. Turbinoplasty under local anaesthetic takes 20 minutes.

Post-operative information

With septoplasty, turbinoplasty and sinus surgery, antibiotics are prescribed post-operatively to prevent infection or bleeding. Return to work is usually around 48 – 72 hours post treatment. Painkillers are not required. The nose usually feels swollen inside, like having a cold, for up to 7 days. Decongestant and salt water sprays are prescribed to help this sensation. Any nose packing used dissolves on its own within 48 hours and does not have to be removed.


With Turbinoplasty, patients can return to work the same day if it’s the local anaesthetic technique. For that reason it's called a "lunchtime" procedure.

Is a follow up consultation required and does this cost extra?

Follow up is usually four weeks post op and is included within the operation price. ​If you experience unexpected follow up issues thereafter we would initially speak with you on the phone. If required we would book an extra follow up consultation. Insured patients will be charged a postoperative consultation fee.

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