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When friends told Maggie Honey she sounded like ‘a female Rod Stewart’, she was neither offended nor surprised. The former primary school teacher was all too aware that her voice was becoming increasingly husky after a bout of laryngitis (a viral inflammation of the vocal cords) in her early 20s caused an enduring hoarseness. Music lessons were virtually impossible – Maggie had to ask her assistant to do the singing for her. And the 45-year-old from Banbury, Oxfordshire, often had to write notes to husband Kevin and her family because she found talking so difficult. Her predicament carried on until two years ago, when she found her voice again thanks to the same laser procedure, (performed on Maggie by Mike Dilkes), that singer Adele underwent last year to restore her voice.

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Surgeon Mike Dilkes, dubbed ‘the patron saint of snorers’, controversially says that snoring is a voluntary habit that you can choose to stop. He gets Eamonn and Ruth to demonstrate a simple workout which will help most snorers to stop or to at least reduce decibel levels. 

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One in three of us suffers with catarrh. Mike Stares, 54, a property consultant, from Woodford Green, Essex, underwent a new treatment with Mike Dilkes.

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Mike Dilkes has performed a number of laser surgery procedures for Channel 4′s TV show Embarrassing Bodies.

Mike appeared in six episodes of Embarrassing Bodies and here he is seen here preparing to perform a Laser Tonsillectomy on a young woman who suffers with bad sore throats, bad breath, tonsil stones, snoring, the lot.

Mike says “It’s great that we have laser technology here which allows us to perform an intracapsular removal of tonsils (laser tonsillectomy), which in my view is much less painful ,and has a very low bleeding rate, in comparison to traditional dissection tonsillectomy”.

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Millions of Britons suffer from painful sinus problems, but a new laser now cures the problem for good in just 20 minutes. Danni Park-Dempsey, 23, an office worker from Chigwell, Essex, had the operation with Mike Dilkes in June, as she tells CAROL DAVIS.


I carried on using the nasal sprays — but the blocked sinuses were getting worse. I had to carry tissues everywhere, and I’d end up being sick if I couldn’t get to a tissue in time. It was horrible.

Then, late last year, my nan looked on the internet, and found a consultant called Mike Dilkes.

He explained that the problem was down to an allergic response that was making my nose and sinuses inflamed. Allergy tests couldn’t get to the bottom of it, but he prescribed steroid sprays, tablets and nasal drops to dampen the inflammation. They did help, but they made me irritable and I put on weight.

After about eight months, I went back to Mr Dilkes. That was when he told me about a new less invasive surgery where he’d laser away part of the bone in my nose.

I had the 20-minute operation at the Hospital Of St John & St  Elizabeth in London a week later, on June 28. I was woozy when I woke from the general anaesthetic, but there was no pain — three hours later, I wolfed down three bacon sandwiches, then went home after six hours with antibiotics and a saltwater nose spray.


Mr Dilkes had warned me not to blow my nose for a couple of days while the bone healed. It felt a bit stuffy at first, but there was none of that horrible trickling back down my throat.


Now I feel marvellous. It’s great not to be blowing my nose every ten minutes and not feel sick. I’m looking forward to going on dates and going clubbing.

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Around a million Britons suffer from tonsil stones, which form in pits on the tonsils, leading to bad breath and repeated bouts of tonsillitis. Vicky Wyatt-Minter, 39, a director of a recruitment agency from South Woodford, London, underwent a new ten-minute procedure (with Mike Dilkes) to get rid of them for good.


I met the surgeon Mike Dilkes. After examining me, he confirmed that the treatment was suitable for me.

He said there’d be no more tonsil stones, meaning I’d also get tonsillitis much less — but if I did, I could have further laser treatment to clear the surface.
I’d be able to eat normally afterwards and would have only mild pain. I couldn’t wait.

A month later, I had the ten-minute procedure. First Mr Dilkes sprayed a banana-flavoured local anaesthetic onto my tonsils. Then he lasered each tonsil in turn — it felt like a burning pinprick, for under half a minute each side at a time. The whole experience was no worse than a trip to the dentist.


Afterwards I had jelly and ice cream, and went home two hours later without any painkillers but just a slightly sore throat for a day or so.


My tonsils look nice and smooth, and I have been free from tonsillitis ever since, which is amazing after all those years.


Now I’m looking forward to being out of pain, and not living on antibiotics all the time.

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My father inquired about laser tonsillectomies, and my GP referred me to Mike Dilkes, who outlined the options. There were two types of laser tonsillectomies I could have had, but the big advantage of the laser vaporisation operation was that it was much less painful.

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Mike Dilkes, consultant ENT surgeon at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in London, said: ‘Treating patients with chronic sinusitis using a balloon instead of more invasive surgery means a shorter recovery time for the patient.

  • Surgeon Dr Mike Dilkes is known as the 'patron saint of snoring'

  • Ear, nose and throat specialist shared his top tips for kicking the noisy habit

  • He roped in presenter Ruth Langsford to take part in the demonstration

  • Asked Ruth and Eamonn to poke their tongues out while singing national anthem

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A surgical technique using water to help remove growths from the thyroid gland can avoid damaging delicate nerves. IT company manager Salman Sharif, 44, from London, had the procedure two months ago.

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