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Blocked Nose Questions Answered

Understand answers to common questions regarding blocked nose and nasal problems:

How are blocked noses causes?

Blocked noses can be caused by several factors, most commonly trauma / injury, allergy or infection.

Can blocked nose cause shortness of breath?

Yes, as to breathe optimally you need to breathe through your nose.

Can blocked nose cause headaches?

Yes - blocked nose can cause sinus pressure which leads to headache.

Can blocked nose cause dizziness?

There is a link between sinus disease and dizziness - so yes.

Can blocked nose cause sore throat?

Yes - as nose blockage makes you breathe through your mouth, which dries it out and makes the mouth (and especially the throat) sore.

Can blocked nose cause fever?

Yes - when it triggers sinusitis.

Can blocked nose cause snoring?

Yes - as you then breathe through the mouth at night, which causes the mandible (jaw) to slide backwards, blocking off the back of the throat, triggering snoring (we snore when we have a cold).

Can blocked nose cause nausea?


Can blocked nose cause blocked ears?

Yes - as the eustachian tubes need good nasal function to work properly; blocked nose causes blocked eustachian tubes which causes blocked ears.

Why do blocked noses switch nostrils?

The nasal cycle - it is to maintain good function at any one time.

Why do blocked noses get worse at night?

Blocked noses get worse at night usually due to House Dust Mite allergy - the commonest allergen of all - which is prevalent in bedrooms.

Do antihistamines help blocked nose?

Yes - if it's allergic.

Do babies get blocked noses when teething?

They get runny noses, which can cause blockage.


How do blocked noses work?

They don't - as they need flow for their function, which is to warm and humidify inspired air.

How long do blocked noses last?

Can be all year round, or seasonal if allergic etc.

How do noses become unblocked?

Blocked noses can be unblocked in a number of ways.  Methods for unblocked noses include Balloon SinuplastySurgical Treatment of Blocked Nose known as Septoplasty,  Laser Reduction of the Inferior Turbinates through either Turbinectomy or Turbinoplasty or ​Kinetic Oscillatory Stimulation, a quick treatment for Non Allergic Rhinitis

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Nose Unblocking Fees

Septoplasty (Nose Unblocking)

  • Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300

  • Septoplasty and laser turbinoplasty under general anaesthetic, one post op follow up: £3,500


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