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Fees and procedure for mole removal laser surgery

Mole removal: fees and procedure summary


  • ​Laser Surgery for Mole Removal

    • Consultation and 1 x mole laser vapourisation under local anaesthetic: £250 

    • ​(Additional cost for more than one mole - £100 each mole)

    • No scar no cut. Quick and clean procedure


Procedure Summary

When do we recommend the procedure? 

Moles can be a physical nuisance (catch in clothing, cut them shaving) and a cosmetic issue, especially on the face. Firstly, they need to be distinguished from skin cancer. This is done by assessing how long they have been there, have they changed colour, become itchy or painful, have they bled easily or changed shape, have they grown suddenly. They are also examined closely to look for ulceration, irregularities etc. The vast majority are benign and can be treated by laser vapourisation.​

Where would the surgery take place?​​


In most instances the surgery would take place at HealthHub in South Central London.

Time between consultation and procedure

Times may vary, but we can typically perform the operation within 14 days of consultation.

Pre-operative information

Mole Removal takes place under local anaesthetic therefore no procedure preparation is required.

Procedure Duration

Mole removal laser vapourisarion takes around 10 minutes per mole. It is performed under local anaesthetic with a single injection of dentist-type anaesthetic.

Post-operative information

The procedure is relatively discreet, vaseline is applied to the treated area and the patient returns to work. There is a pink patch that persists for a few weeks, this can be covered with make up if required.

Is a follow up consultative required and does this cost extra?

Follow up is free of charge, and is good clinical practice, so we encourage it. However it is usually not necessary.

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