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Snoring solutions and snoring treatments

What are the best solutions for snoring? What is a snoring pillow? Are snoring chin straps dangerous? Are snoring mouthpieces safe? Are snoring and sleep apnoea the same? Are snoring mouth guards effective?
Are anti snoring sprays safe? Can snoring cause headaches? Can snoring be stopped? Can snoring make you tired? Can snoring cause sore throat?
Can snoring be a sign of cancer? Can snoring cause neck pain? Do snoring sprays work?

It may be time for you to take advise and action on snoring. If so, look at the treatments we provide for snoring, sleepiness and sleep apnoea and find out more about snoring questions on this page.

What are the best solutions for snoring?

Snoring is multifactorial, but the overall solution is to unblock the airway (ie enable breathing)

What is a snoring pillow?

It's a pillow which helps keep the jaw forward, preventing tongue collapse.

Are snoring chin straps dangerous?


Are snoring mouthpieces safe?


Are snoring and sleep apnoea the same?

No, sleep apnoea is like a severe version of snoring.

Are snoring mouth guards effective?

Yes - in the right indication.

Are anti snoring sprays safe?


Can snoring cause headaches?

Yes - particularly with sleep apnoea, headaches in the morning are a common sign.

Can snoring be stopped?

Yes - absolutely.

Can snoring make you tired?

Yes by creating poor quality sleep.

Can snoring cause sore throat?

Yes, due to trauma to the soft palate and uvula.

Can snoring be a sign of cancer?

Yes, but rarely.

Can snoring cause neck pain?


Do snoring sprays work?


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Effective snoring treatments from the Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery, London
Snoring Treatment Fees

Laser Palatoplasty for Snoring

  • Initial consultation, endoscopy and laser palatoplasty under local anaesthetic, plus one post-op follow up office visit: £1,500

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