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Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery is a leading ENT surgery based in London. We specialise in laser surgery for treatment of a range of Ear, Nose & Throat issues including tonsillitis, tonsil stones, snoring, sleep apnoea, cancers, catarrh and allergies. Typical treatment include laser tonsillectomy, tonsillotomy, palatoplasty, septoplasty, turbinoplasty, turbinectomy, uvulectomy and turbinectomy. Principal Mike Dilkes is a leading ENT surgeon, with over 20 years of consultancy experience and around 5,000 ENT operations and procedures. 


Painless laser treatment to reduce the impact of snoring 

Many patients with snoring problems are looking to reduce the impact their snoring has on sleep for their partners.


In fact around 40% of snorers we see don't need nose unblocking surgery or laser tonsillectomy. Historically for these patients we have recommended lifestyle changes or we would usually send them for a mandibular advancement device.

However, the latest laser-based snoring treatment offers a fantastic solution to achieve around a 50% reduction in snoring volume within a couple of months.


Laser treatment to reduce snoring

The new technique is a painless laser procedure that stiffens the soft palate and uvula. It acts like other palate stiffening procedures such as Somnoplasty and pillar implants. 

How does it work?

The procedure is relatively straight forward and no anaesthetic is  required. It takes three treatments at one month intervals to achieve around 50% snoring volume reduction, which is usually sufficient to keep the partner happy.

I call it the Erbium Palatoplasty, although others call it Somnilase, I personally don't like these rather silly names some surgical techniques are given. They have a slightly suspicious sound to them, as if they maybe aren't as effective as people make out, but will still cost you a lot of money.

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Snoring Treatment Fees

Laser Palatoplasty for Snoring

  • Initial consultation, endoscopy and laser palatoplasty under local anaesthetic, plus one post-op follow up office visit: £1,500

Snoring & Sleep FAQs

For short form answers to the common snoring and sleep-related issues below please see our Snoring & Sleep FAQ page

Other snoring treatments

The treatment of snoring is usually multi-disciplinary - it means sometimes patients need more than one intervention - for example, nose unblocking surgery and a mandibular advancement device are often part of the same treatment plan.

If the laser treatment to reduce snoring is not the right solution, we would look at a range of alternative approaches. Procedures performed to alleviate snoring include:

1) Palatal surgery (LAUP) - laser palatoplasty

Going out of fashion somewhat, I still occasionally perform this operation, almost always under local anaesthetic. It certainly helps snorers, it can also help in mild cases of sleep apnoea. Scientific evidence based on observation of the airway and correlation with sound analysis of the patient’s snoring suggests that if snoring is of a low pitched, rumbling nature, it comes from the soft palate area. LAUP effectively takes away the vibrating part of the airway responsible for a large proportion of the snoring sound, and causes scar tissue to build up, meaning the palate is stiffer and less likely to vibrate. Under local anaesthetic, this procedure costs £1,500.


2) Nose unblocking
Click here for nose unblocking information.

3) Tonsil reduction / tonsillectomy (laser)

Click here for laser tonsillectomy information.



ENT expert Mike Dilkes appears on Channel 5s Britain's Loudest Snorers.


Many people snore, but at what point should you seek treatment regarding snoring?

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