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Laser and other treatments to reduce the impact of snoring 

Snoring is one of the most common problems for which patients seek treatment. Many patients with snoring problems are looking to reduce the impact their snoring has on sleep for their partners.

In fact around 40% of snorers we see don't need nose unblocking surgery or laser tonsillectomy. Historically for these patients we have recommended lifestyle changes or sleep hygiene and posture advice, or we would usually send them for a mandibular advancement device - an oral device which opens the airway by moving the mandible (the lower jaw) forward.

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Snoring Treatment Fees

Laser Palatoplasty for Snoring

  • Initial consultation, endoscopy and laser palatoplasty under local anaesthetic, plus one post-op follow up office visit: £1,750

Our snoring reduction treatments

The treatment of snoring is usually multi-disciplinary - it means sometimes patients need more than one intervention - for example, nose unblocking surgery and a mandibular advancement device are often part of the same treatment plan.

Laser treatment to reduce snoring is an effective approach to turn the volume down. However there are other procedures, which open up the airway, such a nose unblocking treatment and tonsil reduction. These can also greatly reduce the loudness of snoring, and have the added benefit of improving breathing generally.  Procedures performed to alleviate snoring include:

1) Laser Palatoplasty for snoring - palatal surgery (LAUP)

This operation is almost always under local anaesthetic. It certainly helps snorers, it can also help in mild cases of sleep apnoea. Scientific evidence based on observation of the airway and correlation with sound analysis of the patient’s snoring suggests that if snoring is of a low pitched, rumbling nature, it comes from the soft palate area. Reduction of the soft palate and uvula can also have a beneficial effect on breathing, as both cause an obstruction at the back of the mouth, where the nose connects with the throat.


LAUP effectively takes away the vibrating part of the airway responsible for a large proportion of the snoring sound, and causes scar tissue to build up, meaning the palate is lighter, shorter, stiffer and therefore less likely to vibrate. Under local anaesthetic, the procedure costs £1,500. Consultation and endoscopy in clinic is £250. Painkillers are prescribed postoperatively, as this can be very sore for up to 10 days.

2) Nose unblocking
Click here for nose unblocking information.

3) Tonsil reduction / tonsillectomy (laser)

Click here for laser tonsillectomy information.

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Snoring treatments
Snoring & Sleep FAQs

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