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Mike Dilkes is a leading Ear, Nose & Throat consultant and laser surgeon based in London. Mike has performed thousands of procedures and is acknowledged as a leading authority on the use of laser treatment. 

Blocked Nose Guide Contents

0 / Guide Introduction

1 / What is a blocked nose?

What is happening when your nose is blocked

2 / What causes a blocked nose? 

Understand what might be creating your blocked nose

3 / Ways to unblock a nose 

Surgical and non-surgical options to deal with a blocked nose

4 / Surgical procedures to unblock a nose

Understand surgical options to deal with a persistent blocked nose

5 / Recovery

Recovery from blocked nose surgery

Blocked noses - and what you can do to unblock your nose

Is your nose blocked? Do you regularly suffer from nasal problems? Do you have a nose infection? Do you want your nose unblocked? A blocked nose can be very annoying, particularly if it is persistent. So what can you do about it, what options are available to you and how much does treatment cost to unblock your nose? 

Blocked Nose Guide, Mike Dilkes ENT.JPG

If you're familiar with such nasal problems, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Mike Dilkes Blocked Nose Guide. In this guide we cover all you need to know if your nose is blocked and give you some options to get your nose unblocked.

We hope you find the guide helpful. If you need more information, please look at our website, or alternatively feel free to contact us to discuss your symptoms.

We start by answering the question: what is a blocked nose?

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