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Fees and insurances for private ENT treatments and services in London

ENT Treatment Fees self pay summary:

Laser tonsillectomy under general anaesthetic £3,500
Laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic £950 - 1st, £750 - 2nd (rarely - £500 - 3rd)

Septoplasty of the nose (nose unblocking) under general anaesthetic £3,500

Turbinoplasty of the nose (both sides) general anaesthetic £2,800
Turbinoplasty of the nose local anaesthetic £950 (one side)
Second side turbinoplasty of the nose local anaesthetic £750

Facial mole removal under local anaesthetic £250

Laser palatoplasty for snoring £1,250

Laser uvulectomy for catarrh £1,000

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