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Since 1996, Mr. Dilkes has helped pioneer the use of lasers and other innovations in treating the body's most delicate ENT features. He continues to provide leadership in treatment, attending medical professional meetings on a global scale, particularly in the USA and Europe, to stay abreast of research and new techniques.

  • Expert treatment for ENT, allergies, blocked nose, cancer, catarrh, cosmetic skin resurfacing, mole removal, snoring treatment, tonsils and tonsil stones.

  • State-of-the-art laser technology and other innovative techniques to reduce recovery time, so you're back home the same day as your procedure - and back to work straight away for local anaesthetic procedures, or just 48 hours after general anaesthetic procedures.

  • Flexible appointments, so you'll quickly see a specialist, with minimal wait time.

About Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery

Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery has the resources required to run a full clinic service for ENT and related medical procedures. From allergies to cosmetic surgery, and tonsil, mole and small tumor removal.

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Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery is a leading ENT surgery based in London. We specialise in laser surgery for treatment of a range of Ear, Nose & Throat issues including tonsillitis, tonsil stones, snoring, sleep apnoea, cancers, catarrh and allergies. Typical treatments include laser tonsillectomy, tonsillotomy, palatoplasty, septoplasty, turbinoplasty, turbinectomy, uvulectomy and turbinectomy. Principal Mike Dilkes is a leading ENT surgeon, with over 20 years of consultancy experience and around 5,000 ENT operations and procedures.