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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ask that all patients be provided with the following statement. If you choose to see me I will endeavour to let you have this in individual format unless it is an urgent consultation or you do not have email.

"Thank you for choosing to see me for your outpatient consultation. This letter sets out information that I am required by law to provide to you. This is for your information only and is not an invoice. As this includes information about my charges, if you do not have private medical insurance but someone else will be paying your invoice, you may wish to pass a copy of this letter to them. Please note that even if someone else is paying your invoice or you have private medical insurance, you are personally responsible for paying any charges that they do not pay.

Consultation fees for self pay patients (not insured) 

My fee for an initial consultation will not exceed £200 and my fee for any follow-up consultation within 6 months for the same condition will not exceed £150.

During the examination process it may be necessary to perform clinic endoscopy. This costs £100 (my fee) at HealthHub where there are no Hospital fees. Hospital fees will apply elsewhere, they can be up to £170 making the total cost of clinic endoscopy up to £270. Other clinic procedures such as nose cautery, ear wax suction, needle aspiration have charges from me and the Hospital (except for HealthHub) which will be explained to you. 


Following your consultation you may need certain tests (such as blood tests or imaging services) to help me diagnose your condition. These tests will be undertaken by other providers and not by me. The fees for those tests will be determined by those other providers and charged to you separately.

If there are any other fees I will charge in relation to any tests or procedures, I will advise you.

Mike Dilkes

Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon"

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