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Fees for laser snoring treatments, sleep apnoea and palatoplasty

Laser snoring surgery fees and procedure summary

What is the price of laser snoring surgery in London?

The price of laser removal snoring treatments vary as several different options are available. Solutions include:

  • Laser palatoplasty under local anaesthetic, free follow up visit: £1,300

  • Consultation and clinic endoscopy at HealthHub London £250.

What is the price of oximetry for sleep apnoea?

​Overnight Oximetry for Sleep Apnoea analysis: £250

Do you have private medical insurance?

We work with all the major insurers. Click here to find out which insurers we work with and how to proceed with your insurer.

Snoring Treatments Procedure Summaries


When do we recommend the procedure? 

Laser surgery for the soft palate and uvula is performed when there is obvious elongation and thickening of these structures, which are directly involved in the cause of snoring and sleep apnoea.

Where would the surgery take place?​​


In most instances the surgery would take place at HealthHub, in South Central London, Zone 2.

Time between consultation and procedure

Times may vary, but we can typically perform the operation within 14 days of consultation.

Pre-operative information

For Laser Palatoplasty, the operation usually takes place under local anaesthetic. One or two injections are required - these sting for about 10 seconds, then the whole area goes numb. Patients do not need refrain from eating or drinking prior to laser surgery in this instance. The procedure takes about 10 - 20 minutes. Afterwards you are kept for 30 mins in a recovery area as the local anaesthetic wears off. Here you are given a drink once the numbness has worn off. When all has returned to normal you can go straight back to work. It is a "lunchtime" procedure. Painkillers will be needed, but not for a few hours. You will be given a prescription for these.

Procedure Duration

Laser palatoplasty takes 10 - 20 minutes when performed under local anaesthetic.

Post-operative information

Usually patients go straight back to work as function is not affected. Swallowing becomes painful after a few hours, this requires quite strong medication and persists for up to 10 days as the throat heals. Generally patients eat and drink fairly normally as long as they take their medication as directed.

Is a follow up consultation required and does this cost extra?

Follow up is free of charge, and is good clinical practice, so we encourage it. If you come a long way, a video consultation may suffice.

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