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Laser Tonsillectomy and tonsillitis treatment frequently asked questions

Use this page to find non-nonsense answers to common questions related to tonsils, tonsillitis and laser surgery for tonsil treatment:

Are tonsils glands?

Not in the true sense of the word.

Are tonsils the same size?

Usually, but there is often some slight assymetry.

Are tonsils useless?

No, tonsils produce antibodies.

Are tonsils lymph nodes?


Can tonsils grow back in adults?

No, tonsils can't grow back but there is always a remnant after any form of surgery and this can cause problems like further tonsillitis.

Is tonsillectomy safe?

Traditional tonsillectomy is very painful and has a high post-operative bleeding risk. Intracapsular laser vapourisation tonsillectomy has a much lower overall risk rate.

Is tonsillectomy necessary?

For quality of life, yes.

What are tonsillectomy scabs?

Sloughy tissue builds up after tonsillectomy - its the effect of saliva on the tonsil bed.

How is tonsillectomy done?

The old fashioned way is to cut them out using scissors or bipolar diathermy. This is associated with a lot of pain and a high bleeding risk. The intracapsular approach dramatically reduces the pain and bleeding rate. Carbon dioxide lasers in pattern generator mode do this very well.

Can tonsillectomy cause cancer?


Can tonsillectomy cause asthma?

No, often when tonsils are removed to treat recurrent tonsillitis, asthma improves as there is less infection in the airway.

Can tonsillectomy help sleep apnoea?

Yes - very much so.

Can tonsillectomy cause thyroid problems?


Can tonsillectomy cure bad breath?

Yes - often tonsils are the source of bad breath.

Does laser tonsillectomy hurt?

Yes, but you can usually eat normally afterwards - so its not too bad.

Does laser tonsillectomy work?

Yes - very well.

How much does laser tonsillectomy cost?

Price varies, local anaesthetic £1,100-£2,450, general anaesthetic £3,700. See latest tonsillectomy operation prices here.

Does insurance cover laser tonsillectomy?

Yes. (We offer tonsillectomy with several popular insurance companies.)

How safe is laser tonsillectomy?

The safest way to treat tonsil-related problems.

Is laser tonsillectomy better?

Yes, in all aspects. Read more about laser tonsillectomy or watch our video guide to tonsillectomy.


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Laser Tonsillectomy Fees

Laser Tonsillectomy (+/-dual technique)

  • Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300

  • Tonsillectomy under general anaesthetic, including one follow up appointment: £2,800

Laser Tonsillotomy (local anaesthetic)

  • Initial consultation, with endoscopy: £300

  • 1st treatment including 1 post op follow up: £1250

  • Further treatment and 1 post op follow up: £800

Laser tonsillectomy and laser tonsillotomy at the Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery, London
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