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Mike Dilkes is a leading Ear, Nose & Throat consultant and laser surgeon based in London. Mike has performed thousands of procedures and is acknowledged as a leading authority on the use of laser treatment. 

Part 1

What is a blocked nose?

Blockage of the nose is also called nasal congestion or nasal stuffiness. It may be short term (acute) or long term (chronic). It may occur permanently, or just at certain times of the day, such as at night.


A blocked nose can be one side, both sides or variably both sides on and off. It can cause all sorts of symptoms, and happens when nose breathing is interrupted, and the patient is forced to breath through their mouth. Humans were designed to breath through their noses at all times, except in strenuous exercise.

Blocked Nose Guide Contents

0 / Guide Introduction

1 / What is a blocked nose?

What is happening when your nose is blocked

2 / What causes a blocked nose? 

Understand what might be creating your blocked nose

3 / Ways to unblock a nose 

Surgical and non-surgical options to deal with a blocked nose

4 / Surgical procedures to unblock a nose

Understand surgical options to deal with a persistent blocked nose

5 / Recovery

Recovery from blocked nose surgery

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Blocked Nose Guide Types of Blocked Nose

So when the nose is blocked there are all sorts  of things you can't do properly - like eating, sleeping, smelling, talking normally. Sinusitis and bad breath can happen, along with snoring, sleep apnoea, loss of sense of smell and taste, inability to exercise properly, sounding blocked up etc. These are are all symptoms of nose blockage. Chronic nose blockage as an infant or child  can cause hearing problems (glue ear), change in shape of the face and poor teeth condition. 


Generally, humans don't like having a blocked nose - just remember what it feels like when you have a cold. 

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