Co-Author of the 4 book "Stop" series writing about Snoring, Allergy, Wrinkles and Weight Gain, published by Hachette Group. As seen on TV recently with Dr Christian Jessen, and Dr Michael Mosley.

Michael Dilkes


London Ear Nose & Throat Consultant.

Consulting at HealthHub, Central South London.

25 years of experience.

I specialise in: Laser tonsillectomy (tonsillotomy, tonsil resurfacing) using the Carbon Dioxide laser for tonsillitis, snoring, bad breath and tonsil stones (local or general anaesthetic); Carbon Dioxide laser uvulectomy and palatoplasty for snoring (local anaesthetic); Holmium-YAG laser turbinoplasty for snoring and nose blockage (local or general anaesthetic).

Master of Surgery, Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons.

Specialising in laser surgery for tonsillectomy, tonsil stones, blocked nose and snoring

Consultations face to face or over the internet via Zoom. For Zoom tonsils and other problems we send you a small disposable digital video endoscope prior to the consultation, which patients use live on Zoom ShareScreen to show me the problem. This costs £200. Face to face consultations are £150, usually HD clinic endoscopy is required as well, this costs £100, so the total cost is £250. No additional charges / add ons / Clinic fees etc.

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THIS is what we are trying hard to achieve - an example message regarding the results of laser turbinoplasty under local anaesthetic:


"Thank you Mike for the friendly and efficient way in which you dealt with me. I really appreciate our consultations. I congratulate you on the fantastic technology you have at your Hub and the speed in which you carried out the investigations. My nose is better for the turbinectomy treatment.


I would greatly recommend you to anyone seeking help with ENT problems.


With grateful thanks.


Norman Davies"



During Covid19 and a general lack of access to most medical facilities, small modern laser equipped clinics like mine remain open and are often the only way of having your tonsils or nose treated.

Private medicine can be very expensive. That's why I don't  have clinics in London's West End any more, and have helped set up HealthHub. This is a clinic in South Central London, only a few minutes from Central London by bicycle, train or car. Not quite as convenient as Harley Street but much better value plus better equipment and availability. I can control prices here, so ENT consultations including HD endoscopy in clinic are £250, rather than £600+ in the West End. The same applies to insured patients, where in some Harley Street clinics the entire year's fee allowance can be expended in one consultation. I also know where the best value is for tests, scans/imaging and operations, so patients get my 25 years experience and know how, but at a reasonable price. Patients come from all over the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.

I use lasers and other innovative treatments to help bring costs down, as the use of lasers allow treatments to be quick and uncomplicated. Common procedures include laser tonsillectomy using local anaesthetic spray, intracapsular laser tonsillectomy under general anaesthetic, laser vapourisation of facial moles and lumps,  nose unblocking septoplasty and laser turbinoplasty under local anaesthetic, plus other forms of snoring treatment such as uvulectomy or laser palatoplasty (LAUP), also under local anaesthetic.

Imagine going back to work straight after having your laser tonsillectomy, laser palatoplasty or laser turbinoplasty ("lunchtime treatments") in clinic, or just a few days after nose unblocking or snoring surgery under general anaesthetic in Hospital. This is what I aim for.

I'm a great believer in medical technology, and have recently innovated digital HD endoscopy in clinic, giving a very clear and magnified view. I use it for the entire examination, including ears, so that there is no patient - doctor touching at any point. The patient has his/her own screen to observe, the examination is recorded, played back and discussed in front of the patient by the doctor, then downloaded onto a USB business card so the patient can look at their findings at home. I sometimes use a head mounted HD camera to record procedures, this can also be downloaded onto the card, so the patient goes home with the entire consultation and treatment in their pocket. Recently I've started sending patients disposable endoscope cameras, for Zoom consultations - so the patient shows me the problem. Laser turbinoplasty uses a brand new laser system purchased from Germany, called the Holmium-YAG. Previously I've only been able to perform turbinoplasty under general anaesthetic, which was time consuming and expensive. Now it's a walk in - walk out "lunchtime" procedure under local anaesthetic in clinic.

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Dr Mike Dilkes MB,BS., MS (London), FRCS(ORL-HNS), FRCSEd, FRCS, is one of the foremost Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons in practice today.

Mike has performed over 800 major head and neck tumour resections and nearly 5,000 laser procedures during his 25 years as a specialist, 20 years at Bart's NHS in Central London, one of the country's oldest and foremost teaching hospitals. He now focusses on cancer diagnosis, tonsillectomy by laser, snoring/sleep apnoea and nose unblocking laser treatments with or without surgery.

Mike is based in London, U.K. He has a stellar track-record in ENT treatments and ENT laser surgery and has authored many scientific papers, chapters (inc. Gray's Anatomy), a book on snoring, a book on Allergy and has appeared in the media (TV , radio and newspaper) over twenty times. He is a Master of Surgery and honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of London. 


We strive to offer patients great value. 


Mike Dilkes therefore left Harley Street and set up his own Care Quality Commission (CQC) approved and BUPA registered clinic called HealthHub. It is in Central South London, by train 9 minutes from Victoria Station, 12 minutes from Blackfriars. The clinic is directly below platform 4 of Herne Hill overland train station, it takes less than 2 minutes from leaving the train to entering the clinic.


This clinic is a fully equipped ENT facility with all of the latest technology for examination and treatment. Prices here are less than half of Harley Street or private hospitals, yet with often better equipment and the same doctor.

So for insured patients, less of your annual allowance is used. For self referral and self pay patients, lower prices but still the best quality.  


Call 0207 870 9166 for an appointment or contact us.



Dr Mike Dilkes runs a full clinic service for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) problems. From tonsils to blocked nose, allergies to cosmetic surgery, and  snoring, mole and small tumour removal.

Mike Dilkes concentrates his work in three main centres to more efficiently handle the high demand for his care. Local anaesthetic laser procedures and minor operations are performed at HealthHub, a fully equipped Consulting Suite conveniently placed in South Central London Zone 2.  

General anaesthetic operations are performed as day cases either at: 

1) Spire London East Hospital, a large private hospital with good parking, just off the North Circular Road about 10 minutes from the Northern exit of the Blackwall Tunnel, 5 minutes from the southern end of the M11 and 15 minutes walk from Redbridge Central Line tube station. 

2) The Weymouth Hospital, a centrally placed private hospital on Weymouth Street, within easy walking distance of Oxford Circus, Baker Street, Regents Park or Great Portland Street tube stations.

Clinic out patient consultations are usually held at HealthHub for price and quality reasons, although clinics are also available at Spire London East Hospital. 

Spire Roding Hospital, Mike Dilkes ENT L

I live in San Francisco. I’ve had the great privilege of having Mike Dilkes perform a laser tonsillectomy on me. He is my hero. Many many years of suffering with frequent episodes of tonsillitis, he cured that in minutes with his expertise.

Isa Carson

By email

Great location, great service , Mike was very professional with me and they have a wide range of services. I would most definitely recommend them.

Verified Patient

Extremely clean, friendly staff and a Doctor who is an expert in his field. Can’t ask for more.

Barbara Ratcliffe

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We came from Holland just to see Dr. Dilkes for a tonsillectomy by laser. My daughter was very nervous but Dr Dilkes was amazing at dealing with her and putting her at ease. Procedure took a few minutes and after that we were off to return home. She avoided a long recovery, hospital stay and general anaesthesia. Will recommend this to anyone looking for a non invasive way of dealing with their tonsils.

Sandra Wiendels

Google Reviews

I'm feeling so much better in my general health - better than I've felt in years! It really is a miracle and I cannot thank you enough.

Nancy Lamy

After chronic tonsillitis for years, Dr Dilkes booked me in for an operation the following week. Extremely fast service.

Tom Knowles

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