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Is laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic better than traditional tonsillectomy?

Laser: 1) Removes most of the tonsil but not all of it, so as in any organ of the human body, it's best NOT to remove it all. Function is therefore preserved, quite important in Covid19.

2) Using local anaesthetic spray its a "lunchtime" treatment in clinic. No time off work or studies.

3) Can be scheduled within a few days as patients are in and out in half an hour.

4) Extremely rare to have any bleeding - no cases in over 2,000 treated under local anaesthetic spray have needed surgery to stop bleeding.

5) Much less painful, prescribed painkillers are NOT required. Paracetamol only for 4-5 days on average. Patients eat normally post op.

6) 72% of patients need just one treatment for a big gain in symptom relief and which costs £950.

Traditional: removes all the tonsil, very painful / off work for 3 weeks, bleeds quite commonly, costs £3000, scheduling is an issue as its general anaesthetic in Hospital.