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How to tackle snoring. Expert Mike Dilkes appears in the Times

Snoring expert Mike Dilkes appears in the Times

Over the years, Mike has made many media appearances discussing his pioneering work in the fields of laser tonsillectomy and providing help for people to stop snoring.

Previously dubbed the ‘the patron saint of snorers’, this week Mike was interviewed by the Times newspaper. Mike summarised some of the findings of his book, Stop Snoring the Easy Way, giving advice on ways to tackle snoring.

You can read Mike Dilkes' top tips for tackling snoring in the Times. And if snoring is a problem for you - or more particularly the person who shares your bed - you can find out more about how to stop snoring on the various resources we have across this website.

Want to improve your sleep and manage issues like snoring? Here is a list of articles and advise which may help with snoring:

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