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COVID-19: antibody tests now available

We now have a limited number of antibody tests available which enable us to understand whether you have - or have had - COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Please contact the clinic or call us on 0207 870 9166 to book a COVID-19 antibody test

What is the antibody test?

The antibody test identifies whether you have - or have had - COVID-19. The test takes a blood sample (finger prick) and tests it against three different sampling areas, where there are antigens close to those of COVID-19 surface antigens. It looks to see whether your blood reacts with these areas, so showing that the patient has contracted COVID-19, and has raised significant levels of antibodies to it - and should therefore be immune. It also shows acute phase antibodies, which if elevated mean that you currently have the disease, or have recently recovered from it.

Why should I get tested?

The main reason for this test is to demonstrate antibodies to COVID-19, implying that you have had the disease, recovered and are now immune to it. Although how long the immunity lasts is unknown, a vaccine may still be required when available.

Who should get tested?

Everybody who wants to go back to some form of normality needs this test. Without it, patients usually have no real idea as to whether they have been infected with COVID-19 or not, unless they have been tested in hospital or testing centres, and those tests have shown COVID-19 on swabs. It is likely that those patients will be immune and not need this test.

How much does the test cost?

The test is performed at HealthHub in Herne Hill twice weekly and costs £100. Supply is very limited. The results are ready in 30 minutes.

What precautions does the clinic take regarding COVID-19 transmission?

We follow best practice guidelines and use the recommended personal protection equipment for the safety of staff and patients. Read more about the precautions we take here and you can find out more about the guidance being provided by ENT UK here. You can be assured we are following the wider Guidance for ENT during the COVID-19 pandemic being currently being recommended by the Department of Health. See the ENT UK website for more details.

Patients are issued with a certificate detailing the process and test procedure. You can click here to review the certificate.

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