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ENT consultation and Covid19

Freedom day may have come and gone but some new practices that have evolved during the pandemic are here to stay. Remote consultation is easier all round. Zoom is great, particularly with the digital endoscope I send to people to use on themselves. We share their input with the camera and I can see the back of the throat and into the nose very easily. Not the best view but not bad. The ear is a bit too delicate so we do that face to face. I'm keen to do 75% of my consultations in this way. It's cheaper for the patient and the quality is pretty good. My practice is very much national as I perform laser surgery for tonsils and noses, it's a rare skill that I learned in the USA in the 90's! So Zoom can be a godsend as it allows me to have an open and frank discussion with patients before surgery. Allowing them some cooling down time. Otherwise the temptation is there to do it all in the same visit.

Longer term I want to appear as a hologram in specialised local clinics, with a nurse handling a high definition endoscope for my view of the examination. We've already trialled this with Dubai and it gives a pretty much "in the room" real consultation. Patients love it.