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How to stop snoring in five minutes a day

A new book, Stop Snoring The Easy Way: And The Real Reasons You Need To, by Dr Mike Dilkes and Alexander Adams has received the full double page spread treatment in the Daily Mail.

How to stop snoring in five minutes a day, 1 Mike Dilkjes

The Daily Mail article coincides with the re-release of the book published by Seven Dials, £12.99.

They summarised the main actions to take as follows:


Easy exercises to transform your life

Spend five minutes doing each of these exercises in turn every day when you brush your teeth at night or in the morning. Aim to do them as fast as you can. As with any strength training, the more you do, the better your results will be.

1. Extenders Stick your tongue out straight as far as it will go. Try to touch the tip of your tongue to the end of your nose, and then your chin. Then move it to touch your left then right cheek. Repeat the four points quickly ten times.

2. Curls Move the tip of your tongue backwards in your mouth, so it curls over towards the soft palate. Stretch it as far back as it will go, then bring it forward to touch the back of the upper teeth. Repeat quickly 15 times.

3. Hummers Grip the tip of your tongue gently between your teeth. Make a humming sound, starting deep then increase in frequency until it is as high pitched as you can make it. Repeat ten times.

4. Hippos Open your mouth as widely as you can and say ‘ahhhhhhhh,’ for 20 seconds. Repeat once.

5. Snorters With your mouth closed, breathe in sharply through the nose. You may snort a bit. Do this rapidly in four sets of five repetitions, with a five-second break between each set.

6. Deep sniffs With your tongue sticking out as far as it will go, take long, deep nasal breaths. Repeat 20 times.

7. Gulpers Swallow ten times consecutively with your mouth closed, as forcefully as you can.

8. Pitchers With your tongue poking out as far as it will go, take a deep breath in and make a high pitched noise, like air gargling. Continue for 30 seconds.

9. Boas Swallow very slowly in a controlled manner, making it last five seconds. Hold as much pressure as possible in the throat throughout. Repeat five times.


The full story can be read on the Daily Mail website, click here

You can find out more about the book here

If you are looking for more help with snoring related problems and snoring treatments, see our Snoring and Sleep Apnoea pages and check out our snoring frequently asked questions

To see an expert ENT specialist and discuss treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea, click here



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