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Snoring #2. What can be done about it? A daily series of blogs by Mike Dilkes, ENT- laser.

2: Self help for sleep and snoring. Read my book "stop snoring, the easy way"! Do the exercises in the back. Look at your bedroom, is it a mess or neat, orderly and organised, as that's what you want. The bedroom is for bed activity, like sleep. It's not for eating, watching TV, even reading. Look at your sleep posture, it's very important to sleep on your side. Try salt water douches to clear the nose before turning in. Avoid caffeine for 3 hours prior to sleep, food for 4 hours. Wear ear protectors and/ or eye masks. Go to bed when you are tired. Avoid any more than 2 units (male), 1 unit (female) of alcohol in the hour before bed. Have a shower and wash your hair, it gets rid of allergens in your skin and hair that you might be reacting to. And if you are overweight get it off. Your BMI needs to be below 30, preferably below 27.


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