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Tonsillectomy cost without medical insurance: points to consider

If you need a tonsillectomy operation - and do not have private medical insurance - researching the approach and options available to you is important.

The cost of a private tonsillectomy under general anaesthetic is generally the same whichever technique you choose, from dissection tonsillectomy to intracapsular laser vapourisation.

Things that make operations more expensive are:

  • Your surgeon and anaesthetist - some charge more than others.

  • Your Hospital - central London ones can be more expensive than those in the rest of the country.

  • Post op medication - some drugs are more expensive than others.

  • Readmission with problems such as pain or bleeding - does the Hospital charge for this?

The advice is to choose a surgeon and technique you like, and one that will potentially give you the least trouble. Get a written quote of all costs (inclusive packages are best) and ask what happens if there are problems - is follow up consultation free (included) if so, for how many visits. Is there an additional charge if re-admission is required post op due to complications. The consultants secretary should be able to advise you on all points re cost.


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