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Tonsil stone treatment

Tonsil stones appear on the surface of the tonsil, though they may form much deeper, in crevices and holes on the tonsil surface. Laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic spray removes the surface of the tonsil all over, down to a depth of at least 1cm. This is usually enough to permanently remove the crevices and holes, so curing the patient of tonsil stones.

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Vik Bee
Vik Bee
28 apr. 2021

I had this done about 14 years ago over 2 treatments and the results have been brilliant. No reoccurrence in that time. I would recommend this method and would not hesitate to have it done again if ever I needed to. Thank you

Mike Dilkes ENT Surgeon MSFRCS
Mike Dilkes ENT Surgeon MSFRCS
28 apr. 2021
Reageren op

And yet some of my colleagues say they don't believe in it, that all of the tonsil has to be removed, at great pain, bleeding risk, general anaesthetic, 2 weeks+ off work, and expense!

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