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What is Uvulectomy?

Uvulectomy is a minor procedure designed to shorten the uvula, which is the hanging down structure at the back of the throat.

This long uvula has the classic slightly swollen tip of someone who suffers with chronic catarrh and throat clearing. See how it is sitting on the back of the tongue giving the feeling of something being there? We treat this with Laser Uvulectomy , a 10 minute procedure under local anaesthetic

Uvulectomy may be advisable in a number of situations. Uvula related symptoms include post nasal drip, throat clearing, the feeling of something being there at the back of the tongue and catarrh. Catarrh is a widely used descriptive term for build-up of mucus, typically at the back of the nose, a throat clearing sensation, or the feeling of lumpyness, something stuck, at the back of the tongue. Some people experience a catarrh in throat lump for months or years. Uvulectomy may also help in snorers.

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic, with a single injection at the back of the mouth being all that is required. A Carbon Dioxide laser connected to a computerised pattern generator is the used to vaporise the uvula , this usually takes 2 or 3 minutes. Quite strong painkillers are required afterwards, as this is a sensitive area to operate on.

If you are suffering any of the above symptoms and want to enquire about the uvulectomy procedure please get in touch for an initial consultation.


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