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Everything you need to know about tonsillectomy

The tonsils and surrounding areas create a whole host of problems for many people. Quinsy, tonsil stones, tonsillitis, sleep apneoa and snoring are all common problems - and a tonsillectomy operation can be a very effective treatment for such conditions.

So if you want to understand whether a tonsillectomy is the solution to your issues - or understand the options available to you - you should read our new Guide to Tonsillectomy.

The guide is split into five sections:

1 / The Basics

What are the tonsils?

What is tonsillectomy?

2 / Diagnosis

When might you need a tonsillectomy?

3 / Approach

How do you get a tonsillectomy operation?

4 / The Procedure

Options for the Tonsillectomy Procedure

5 / Recovery

Post-operation recovery guidance



Further information on tonsillectomy

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