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Private tonsillectomy treatment and costs for children

Parents requiring tonsillectomy for their children are particularly interested in the most pain-free and efficient method of operating, so it is worth understanding the options in terms of procedure and costs.

Child Tonsillectomy Information Mike Dilkes ENT

We focus a lot of time and effort on tonsillectomy. As regular readers of the blog would know, our lead surgeon Mike Dilkes is a leading authority on tonsillectomy and has performed over 1,000 operations using modern laser surgery. Here are the options available for tonsillectomy for your child:

Option 1: traditional tonsillectomy procedures

Using traditional tonsillectomy methods, children's operations are performed under general anaesthetic as day cases. Often children's tonsillectomy is carried out at the same time as adenoidectomy and grommet insertion - there may be an extra charge for this. Central London hospitals tend to be a bit more expensive so always ask about prices, and make sure you understand what any package price involves. The consultants secretary should be able to advise you on all points re cost.

Option 2: intracapsular laser tonsillectomy

Children over the age of 10 are usually better off with an intracapsular laser tonsillectomy, as the standard operating technique becomes rather painful once you get to this sort of age. Intracapsular laser tonsillectomy involves removal of the tonsils performed using an operating microscope. There is minimal blood loss and much reduced pain when compared with traditional tonsillectomy. It is a day case and children can be largely recovered within 2-3 days.

Children's costs are broadly the same as adults as both cases. For children and adults, we charge £2,800 for the laser tonsillectomy procedure. This includes all operation costs and one post op follow up. It does not include post op medication, which tends to cost around £30.


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