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Quick guide to private tonsil stones removal

Paying for tonsil stones removal offers a quick and affordable solution to alleviate patients of the problems of tonsil stones. Here is our quick guide to what you need to know and how much private tonsil stone removal costs.

Tonsil stones are a real nuisance, but often don't warrant a full dissection tonsillectomy - which is very painful and has a high bleeding rate.

Tonsil stones are created when food becomes stuck within the tonsils area. Therefore to solve the problems of tonsil stones, the aim is to get rid of the cracks and crevices where food is trapping. So not all the tonsil needs to be removed as these cracks start at the surface, and often don't go too deeply into the tonsils.

Partial removal is therefore a good option as this is far less painful, and can often be performed as a lunchtime procedure - enabling patients to go straight back to work in the afternoon. Short procedures under local anaesthetic (using numbing spray - no injections) are much less expensive than hospital based procedures in main theatres.

This procedure - laser tonsillotomy - is an excellent way of partially removing the tonsils. If you are not covered by private medical insurance, the costs are in the region of £950 to £1,200 for the first procedure depending on where it is performed, with less charge for subsequent treatment if it is required. Not everyone is suitable for this type of procedure, but a recent analysis revealed that over 80% of patients are.

Initial consultation, where flexible endoscopy is performed through the nose, costs £250-£400.

If you want to learn more about tonsil stones, we have a range of resources to help:


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