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Laser tonsillectomy: resources, pricing and all you need to know

Tonsillectomy is a common operation which helps free people from pains associated with a r​ange of throat-based problems. Whether you are looking for tonsillitis treatment, suffering from inflamed tonsils or issues such as quinsy, tonsil stones, sleep apneoa or snoring, tonsillectomy can be a very effective treatment.

At Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery, we have developed expertise in all aspects of ENT, but are one of the most renowned consultancies with regards laser tonsillectomy. Laser tonsillectomy is substantially less painful and quicker to recover from than standard tonsillectomy.

We have a wide range of information and resources on our website to help you understand laser tonsillectomy. So, please explore the following resources if you think you may benefit from a tonsillectomy operation:

If you think you may need a tonsillectomy operation, or simply want to discuss your symptoms, please contact us.

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