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How to get rid of a blocked nose

There are many potential causes of a blocked nose, so the method of curing a persistent blocked nose will vary. That said, here are some tips to help sufferers consider a course of action.

  1. Curing a persistent blocked nose can be easy or difficult depending what the cause is – so you need to see an ENT surgeon asap

  2. The easiest problem to solve is rhinitis caused by allergy, as this can respond very well to medication such as steroids or antihistamine. Identifying the allergen can also help, blood and skin prick tests along with taking a thorough history are how you do this. Salt water sprays and douches are also useful.

  3. The toughest problem is extreme allergy – nasal polyps, which completely block the nose, cause loss of taste and smell, and are linked to asthma. Surgery is usually not curative and a cocktail of drugs is required to keep them at bay. Monoclonal antibodies may be useful but are in the trial period.

  4. Medium sized problems include a deviated nasal septum and septum adhesions, along with chronically enlarged turbinates. They respond well to surgery, under either local or general anaesthetic.

  5. Other causes include perennial non-allergic rhinitis and sinus tumours. The latter are rare and usually present with bleeding, blockage and pain. The former may respond to steroids and/or surgery.​

If you want to learn more about issues related to blocked nose, take a look at our blocked nose guide or contact us.

Mike Dilkes Blocked Nose Guide

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