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The Benefits of Laser Tonsillectomy

Mike Dilkes, Laser Tonsillectomy Specialists

Mr Dilkes has pioneered the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure. This blog post summaries some of the key points from a recent interview with the London ENT Clinic. Mike outlined some why laser tonsillectomy is now the most effective method of treating tonsil problems.

Mike Dilkes, what is your background in performing laser tonsillectomy? “That goes back a long way. I’ve used all sorts of lasers for tonsillectomy, I went to the USA and Germany about 20 years ago and watched what people were doing over there. I then developed their tonsillectomy technique which brings me to what I do today – over 1,000 cases later!”

How many Laser Tonsillectomies do you perform in a year? On average I would say I perform around 5 per week, so that’s probably 200 plus procedures over a typical year.

What is the typical age of a patient that requires a Laser Tonsillectomy? I would say around 25 in adults. In children we don’t need to use the laser tonsillectomy, they do well with the more conventional techniques.

When would you recommend a patient seek medical advice for having their tonsils removed? I always recommend patients seek advice from a professional when a condition or complaint is starting to affect their quality of life.

What is the success rate of a Laser Tonsillectomy and why is it a preferable treatment method? The success rate is pretty much 100%, like traditional tonsillectomy, just much less painful – and safer as the bleeding risk after surgery is substantially lower.

After undergoing a Laser Tonsillectomy how long will it take for a patient to make a full recovery?

The recovery time is different for everyone – like in all things, humans are variable creatures. I would say 7 days of soreness is the average.

From an initial consultation how long would it typically take for a patient to undergo a Laser Tonsillectomy? We can usually see a patient for surgery within days. I am fortunate to work across a range of location which offer our patients first class care in state-of-the-art facilities.

What is the benefit of being seen at a dedicated ENT clinic? Experience. It counts for everything.

What advice would you give to a patient suffering with tonsil problems? Don't suffer in silence. Seek advice from a professional. There are solutions to tonsil problems. If deemed necessary by the consultant, tonsillectomy is now a reliable and quick way to solve tonsil pain. Laser tonsils treatment is less painful and more robust than traditional tonsillectomy and we often see patients returning to work within a couple of days.


Need help, advice or a consultation? If you want to enquire about tonsil treatment or book a consultation, Mike can be contacted here.

More questions? For further help on common tonsil and tonsillectomy questions, look at Mike’s FAQ page.

Want to understand costs and the procedure? Click here.

More about Mike Dilkes

Mr Mike Dilkes is a Specialist ENT Consultant who pioneered the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure. He has become world-renowned in treating tonsil problems. Mr Dilkes’ extensive career has seen him become the lead ENT Consultant for some of the country’s leading sports organisations, including the England Cricket Team and the Lawn Tennis Association. He has also appeared on This Morning and Channel Four. You can find out more about Mike here.


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