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Cost of ENT consultation

The cost of seeing a top ENT specialist varies. Some consultants consider themselves more prestigious or skilled than others, and charge more. Some are just greedy. Steer clear of Hospitals and clinics that are part of a bigger group. They will be manager heavy and significantly more expensive. They are also less likely to care about quality as they are only really interested in quantity. Smaller American-style practices with one or two specialists and only a few members of staff offer the best value. The quality is hard to quantify, but someone who has spent a lot of time in Central London private and NHS practice previously, but is now running his/her own practice is the sort of person who likes to offer value and doesn't mind being slightly off the mainstream. Quality and quantity mean they can maintain a healthy income without exorbitant prices.

HealthHub in South Central London is an example of this, where Mike Dilkes has set up his own practice, having spent 20 years at Bart's NHS and Harley Street. New ENT consultation and clinic endoscopy for self referred self pay is £250. It's more than £500 at The London Clinic in Harley Street. HealthHub is on 02078709166.


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