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Cost of private tonsillectomy in London. You can save money by having laser tonsillectomy under LA.

The cost of a tonsillectomy in London under general anaesthetic is around £3500 when all expenses have been taken into account. This is irrespective of which technique is used, and is often the 60 year old dissection tonsillectomy. At HealthHub a recent audit of laser tonsil removal treatment under local anaesthetic spray shows 1.6 treatments are required per patient until resolution of symptoms has occurred. This audit was done by looking at return rates for a second procedure. Some patients may have been fed up and gone elsewhere, though in private practice you tend to be told this. So the number can be increased on that basis to 1.7 treatments, over an audit of 526 patients. So the average cost is £950 (first treatment) plus 0.7x£750 (second treatment), which is £1475 total. And return to work straight away with only paracetamol for mild to moderate post op pain, usually for 5 days.

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