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How it looks immediately after laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic spray

This is the right side tonsil bed after laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic spray. The majority of the tonsil has been vapourised away. The thin ring of white is the extent of thermal damage caused as heat is transmitted through tissue being vapourised. Usually around half a millimetre. No bleeding has occurred. Bleeding of any sort is very rare.


Mar 11, 2021

I really want to get this done. How much of the tonsil is removed please as one of my stones appears right at the very side next to the muscle/neck area? I just want my tonsils removed but without going through a whole tonsilectomy. Thank you.

Mike Dilkes ENT Surgeon MSFRCS
Mike Dilkes ENT Surgeon MSFRCS
Mar 25, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for the kind words! MD

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