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How to get a laser tonsillectomy - clinic and costs

In the UK there are few trained consultant ENT surgeons doing this. I learnt it in the USA 25 years ago, and have done thousands both NHS and privately. Mostly under local anaesthetic spray as a lunchtime procedure in clinic. I do most of them at HealthHub, a private clinic underneath Herne Hill train station in Central South London. 02078709166 or email to arrange a consultation. Which costs £250 and includes clinic endoscopy with no extras. By comparison Harley St (where I used to be until prices rocketed) will be over £500. Laser tonsillectomy/tonsilotomy/cryptolysis/ resurfacing is £1250 for the first treatment, £850 for the second, £500 for the third and £250 for any subsequent. Most people need 1 or 2 treatments. By comparison in London nearly all ENT Surgeons perform the traditional tonsillectomy under general anaesthetic in a Hospital. That costs nearly £4,000 and is extremely painful for 3 weeks, with a high bleeding risk. The good side of this procedure is the need for a second procedure is very low.


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