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Is snoring a problem?

Many people snore, but at what point should you seek treatment regarding snoring?

Ideally, as soon as snoring becomes a noticeable condition. This is because if treated early and successfully, there will be no progression to more severe snoring and potential sleep apnoea. Also, milder snoring tends to do well with early intervention as there is usually a clear and obvious issue to correct.

So, what snoring treatments are available surgically?

Snorers always have a blockage in the upper airway between the nose and the voice box. It's how snoring is a problem in humans (but usually not other animals) as there is a marked separation between the voice box and the mouth.

Surgically, your ENT doctor will be looking for a blocked nose, due to a deviated septum caused by injury, polyps or rhinitis, or throat blockage usually caused by large tonsils or an elongated soft palate/uvula.

If you are worried about snoring the Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery in London can help in a number of ways.

We offer the full range of snoring treatment and analysis. It starts with a consultation and clinic endoscopy, to determine the exact site of the obstruction. If sleep apnoea is suspected, overnight oximetry will be performed. Surgical treatment of nose or throat blockage will be carried out, typically using laser removal, o help snoring. This is followed by a follow up overnight oximetry and additional treatment, which may include the fitting of a mandibular advancement device or referral for nightly airway ventilation (CPAP). Additional referral for dietary advice may be required.

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