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Nose unblocking limited septoplasty in clinic with just local anaesthetic spray, using laser.

Here’s a case where there was a small septal spur on the right side of the nose causing disordered flow and the sensation of blockage even though a turbinoplasty had worked well (blue arrow second picture). The spur can be seen on the first (left) photo opposite the indentation of the inferior turbinate caused by the turbinoplasty, it's visible in the distance behind the main view of the septum. On the second photo the white arrow shows the spur has been removed using co-phenylcaine spray only, and the Holmium YAG laser. There was an instant improvement in breathing sensation. The third picture, at the bottom, shows the septum 6 weeks later. The patient now feels that the constant feeling of something being there when breathing in or out has gone.

This is a form of laser septoplasty under local anaesthetic in the clinic.


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