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The best treatment for tonsil stones permanent removal in one go...

No doubt, the best way to completely eradicate tonsil stones in one go is a traditional tonsillectomy. I tell my patients. But the NHS won't do it for this indication though. So a private tonsillectomy is needed, total cost around £4,000. However I have not performed this procedure privately for over 25 years, as it is extraordinarily painful for 3 weeks postop, and the risk of severe bleeding postoperatively is too high.

So I perform the local anaesthetic spray laser vapourisation procedure. Most patients (>60%) only need one procedure, £1250. However some patients need more, 4 procedures costs £2950 total. About 2% of patients need that. They return to work straight away afterwards and most only need paracetamol for pain, with no change in diet required. So a huge difference in postop suffering, time off work etc.

So the laser removal under local anaesthetic spray, going straight back to work with only mild pain may not be the best way to completely eradicate tonsil stones in one go, but it is cheaper, even if 4 goes are required, and suffering is minimal.


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