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Tonsil stones - how to treat them and how to permanently cure them

There is no doubt patients do not like tonsil stones one little bit. From just being an unpleasant thing to regurgitate, to being a cause of chronic tonsillitis and bad breath they are not a good thing to have.

Treatment ranges from the patient removing them in the bathroom mirror, which can cause bleeding and trigger tonsillitis, to water jet washouts to laser tonsillectomy under local anaesthetic spray. The latter procedure usually leads to a long lasting cure and complete resolution of symptoms. Thankfully it's a lunchtime procedure with only mild pain postoperatively and a very low risk of bleeding.

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Emma McKenna
Emma McKenna
Jan 06, 2022

Agreed. Best thing I ever did… October 2020 and no stones or tonsillitis since! 😊

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