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Tonsil stones removal can help with bad breath and tonsil pain

Tonsil stones are common, although people who have them often don't realise this.

They cause a number of symptoms, including:

  • bad taste

  • bad breath

  • chronic tonsil pain

Tonsil stones form in cracks and crevices within the tonsils.

They are created when food traps inside these cracks, becoming forced together into little lumps. Being food they are organic and therefore they rot. This sets up inflammation and soreness, and causes the bad taste and breath.

Treatment can be with traditional tonsillectomy, but this is very painful and requires a few weeks off work. Better to laser vapourise them, often under local anaesthetic using anaesthetic spray only.

This is a lunchtime procedure, and is usually associated with very little pain, so that only over the counter medications are required. Most patients return to work straight away after having it done.


Click here for more information on Tonsil Stones.


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