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Wasting money in self pay private healthcare. Do's and dont's. Part 1.

Private Healthcare in the U.K. is expensive. There is a perception that if it costs a lot, it must be good. That is not correct. Shop around and look for experience. Google reviews can help, but remember they are not always as real as they might be..... Friends and family can be very high scoring. Harley Street? Not really, maybe in the old days when it was all the top central London Teaching Hospital consultants, but now anyone can hire a room and proclaim themselves to be the best. Without any justification.

Me? Central London teaching hospital for over

20 years. I charge £150 for a consultation, £100 for clinic endoscopy with no facility fees.

Harley Street: £250 consultation, £200 endoscopy, £400 facility fee. I think that's a bit ridiculous for 20 minutes.


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